ZF Repropulsion – Our Marine Repower Process

  • Even better than before.

A marine repower is more than just replacing the engine. Our repower is also reassessing your complete propulsion system, including your transmission, propellers and controls. A decision to replace or rebuild. A renewal of movement…cruising along like before. Or even better than before.

It’s time to rethink the marine repower process. It’s really a repropulsion.

ZF Repropulsion. Propel ahead.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Repower

Do you love your current boat?

Build, handling, fishability, cruisability, etc. may be reasons to keep your current hull and begin a repower.

Do you trust the current engine / propulsion system?

Reliability and trust in engine performance should be the number one priority when making decisions about the propulsion system of your boat.

Has there been recent mechanical failure within the propulsion system?

A recent mechanical failure may be an indication of more to come and can also be a good time to replace the units instead of paying more money to fix the failure.

Have you considered the cost effectiveness?

A  marine repower is costly but can be well worth the investment. Take time to consider the costs before taking up this project.

Have you considered the time investment?

A repower may take a considerable amount of time, make sure to consider the timing of a repower, and determine whether you have a busy fishing “season”. If you do, then consider a repower during the slower season.

Where would a repower take place?

You want to choose a reliable marina and boatyard that has the equipment and resources available to complete the project. Cost of the time for the dry storage during the repower should also be considered.

Ready to explore the repower difference from a ZF Repropulsion? Please fill out this inquiry form to start the process, or call 954.441.4061 with any questions.

Ready to explore your repower options? Please fill out the ZF Repropulsion Inquiry form or call 954.441.4052 with any questions.

What does a marine repower package consist of when it’s ZF Repropulsion?

  • Boat Structure / Engine Room Options
    • New engines must fit in required space
    • Engine weight should be comparable or less
    • Check / Replace engine mounting foundations
    • Allow for proper clearances on each side of the engine(s)
  • Engine and Transmission Options
    • Gearbox should be compatible with the engines
    • Gear ratio should be determined and adjusted if necessary
    • Engine size, weight, thrust limits, etc. are within the limits and requirements
    • Mechanical vs Electric shift transmission
  • Propeller and Shaftline Options
    • New Propellers
    • New shaft or proper shaft sizing adjustments
    • Check / Replace shaft struts
  • Electronics and Controls Options
    • New controls, Mechanical vs Electrical
    • Check / Replace electrical wiring to engines
    • Check / Replace sensors, gauges and electrical panels
    • Check compatibility of or replace generator, compressor, water pump etc.
  • Ventilation and Cooling Options
    • Engine air supply should be recalculated and checked for the new engines
    • Engine exhaust should be checked, cleaned, or replaced
    • Check / Replace vent hoses
    • Check / Replace cooling water pump for engines
    • Allow for proper clearance in engine room for cooling and ventilation of engines
    • Check / Create new through-hull intakes for the engine cooling systems
  • Fuel System Options
    • Conversion between gas or diesel (or vice versa)?
    • Check / Replace fuel lines
    • Fuel supply large enough for new engines?
    • Check / Replace fuel pump, filter, exhaust etc.
  • Additional Considerations & Options
    • Gyroscopic stabilizer installation?
    • Bottom paint and gel coat refinish
    • Interior salon maintenance
    • Oil change
    • Upgrade / Replace electronics
    • Inspect / Replace fuel tanks
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