Why ZF Marine for your Repower?

We have the expertise in propulsion system technology for your repower.

• ZF Marine Transmissions are robust units of the highest quality, designed to deliver maximum performance. Boat manufacturers have chosen ZF for these same attributes when the vessels were new. If you’re repowering your vessel, ZF has a transmission for your new engine(s). Continue to enjoy the dependability that you’ve come to expect with a new ZF transmission. If you’re replacing a non-ZF product, ZF has the application engineering support to help make the  right selection
• ZF Marine Controls are designed to completely manage the actuation of a vessel’s propulsion system. The breadth of our product offering allows for their use in commercial and pleasure craft applications. Our products are designed to offer safe, intuitive control of the vessel in all conditions. After years of reliable service, electronic control systems should be replaced when considering a repower project. If you’re converting a vessel from mechanically controlled engines and transmissions, ZF can assist with the conversion process.
• ZF Marine Propellers are designed to offer competitive performance for an attractive price. We have both series and custom designs, allowing us to individually tailor a product specific to your application while still remaining cost competitive. Our team of naval architects can assist with sizing an optimum propeller design for your vessel.

We have the inventory of transmissions and controls for your repowering project.

• If you’re replacing rather than rebuilding, come to the people that made the components when they were new. Replacement ZF components are built to those same exacting standards and come with a factory warranty.
• Large inventory means less time searching and waiting for parts, which means less time in the boatyard, and more time on the water.

We have the sales and service organization to support the repowering project.

• ZF Marine has a knowledgeable staff that knows the marine industry inside and out. We can provide recommendations and contacts for any step of the repower process.

We have the in-house application engineering support to approve the repower application.

• ZF Marine has an in-house engineering team to provide technical support as you plan your specific project. We can assist with proper transmission and ratio selection, propeller sizing, and choosing the right control system for your new propulsion package.

We have the relationships with all the engine OEMs giving the freedom of power choice for your repower.

• ZF Marine Transmissions have been designed for and implemented with nearly every engine manufacturer, meaning ZF has a transmission, gear ratio, and configuration to match the engine(s) you choose.

Ready to explore your repower options? Please fill out the ZF Repropulsion Inquiry form or call 954.441.4052 with any questions.

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