Propellers Price Quote (test)

Pricing applies for North and Central America. For inquiries outside these regions, please contact ZF Marine.
Pricing applies only for propellers from 20″ to 60″ in diameter. Propellers larger than 60″ must be quoted directly by ZF Marine.
Typical lead time is 12-14 weeks. Standard delivery is FOB Mukilteo, WA.
Price is for propellers only. Classification society approval can be provided upon request for an additional fee.
Please contact ZF Marine directly regarding stainless steel propeller inquiries.
ZF Marine Propulsion Systems Miramar, LLC commercial propeller warranty applies.

Disclaimer: ZF Marine Propulsion Systems Miramar, LLC provides only a suggested propeller size and cannot guarantee performance due to the many related variables including, but not limited to, engine power, vessel weight, LCG, etc. Contact ZF for questions or concerns.