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  • ZF Technology for Pleasure Craft and Yachts

    ZF Technology for Pleasure Craft and Yachts

Pleasure Craft Propulsion Solutions

ZF Marine’s complete line of pleasure craft propulsion systems includes transmissions, propellers, shift and control systems, surface drives and thrusters for numerous applications: speedboat, yacht, sail, sportfishing, and related watercraft. Our experience in partnering with engine manufacturers and pleasure craft builders gives us vast knowledge in propulsion systems unmatched in this industry. Our ZF Marine sales and engineering specialists review your specific craft design or profile, so that the result is a customized turnkey solution optimized to meet your propulsion needs.

ZF Marine Propulsion Systems offers:

  • Full integration of the complete propulsion system installation
  • Exact definition of all interfaces in the driveline, control and monitoring systems
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to “single service” responsibility
  • SeaRex® surface drives, Smart Command™ control systems, SuperShift shift systems

“Project Disruption” Propulsion Concept

The Project Disruption concept allows shaftline boat builders to harness the benefits of contra-rotating propellers, including increased efficiency, acceleration and reverse authority. The concept changes all of the pre-established constraints of trying to optimize propeller diameter with gear ratio. The concept, intended to interface with a standard ZF marine transmission, is comprised of a strut-housed underwater gearbox which transmits power to two contra-rotating propellers. For more information, click here to read our Press Release.

The ZF iDrift™. It’s time to go against the current.

Positioning your boat over that perfect spot is key to a successful day on the water. Off the mark by just a few feet, miss the bite. ZF’s iDrift™ technology takes control of your sportfishing yacht to the next level, allowing you to set the optimal drift plan. iDrift™ can control your drift speed and direction in windy conditions and/or active current – all while maintaining the bow’s heading. ZF gives you superior control while kite fishing, bottom fishing, or wreck fishing… if you catch our drift.

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ZF Marine Repower

Repowering your boat is probably the most significant investment that you will make aside from the purchase. ZF Marine wants to help ensure that you get the most out of your marine repower investment. Learn more here.

ZF Marine is Propulsion

For integrated propulsion packages and shaftline systems that offer optimal maneuverability, comfort and speed, ZF Marine is the best choice for high-performance and dependable marine technology that will fit your specific pleasure craft needs.

To contact ZF Marine directly, please fill out the Pleasure Craft Inquiry form or call us at 954.441.4031.

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